Must Love Dogs

Jordan Hevern works seven days a week at Luvable Dog Rescue, a 55 acre no-kill dog sanctuary in Eugene Oregon. Luvable rescues dogs from high-kill shelters in the Los Angeles area and brings them to their wooded rescue in hopes of finding a family in Oregon.

Jordan Hevern prepares dinner for the dogs at Luvable Dog Rescue, a 55 acre no-kill sanctuary in Eugene, Oregon. The night shift starts at 5:00 pm and ends around 8:30 pm after all the dogs have been fed, let outside, snuggled, and put to bed under a canopy of trees.
This whiteboard shows every dog that is currently at the rescue as well as dogs that have been adopted during that month. Staff members use this board to prepare meals for each cottage and to make sure everyone knows which dogs are where.
Jordan cuddles with one of Luvable’s long-time pit bulls, Rocky. Jordan says this girl is her favorite of the 10 pit bulls Luvable has up for adoption, and even brought her pit bull, Thea, to meet her as a potential companion. Jordan spends most of her evening shifts alone, working at her own pace and making sure to spend quality time with all of the pit bulls.
Jordan prepares peanut butter kongs for the pit bulls during an evening shift. One of her favorite things to do is give the pit bulls treats and snuggle with them. With so many dogs and different things needing to happen every day, every staff member analogs significant changes or requests in the Luvable binder. Each staff member is responsible for reading all notes of the days they have not worked to keep up to date on what is happening.
Pit bulls are walked daily at Luvable Dog Rescue. Jordan has started working at Luvable seven days a week, two of them being day shifts. She walks Sky, a deaf pit bull, on the trails out at the rescue.
Jordan comforts a scared blue-nose pit bull puppy bound for Luvable Dog Rescue. The 16 dogs Jordan picked up were pulled from high-kill shelters in the Los Angeles area and brought up to Oregon for a second chance at finding a home. Even in this hectic environment of picking up dogs, Jordan finds moments to comfort them.
Jordan takes her two-year-old pit bull french bull dog mix, Thea, on a walk Saturday night after work. She leads dog training classes at Petsmart, and works with her dog on a daily basis outside of work. Thea was surrendered to the veterinary hospital Jordan previously worked at as a Kennel Technician because she had parvo, a deadly disease that most puppies die from. Jordan decided to keep her and Thea recovered from the disease with treatment from her vet.

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