What To Pack In Your Camera Bag For Your Next Adventure

Preparation is key for packing your camera bag for your next adventure.

I’ve learned the hard way that packing the day-of usually results in you forgetting to pack the remote, or extra batteries, or a rain cover. So, the first tip is to always pack the day before and make a list of what you want to bring. I’ve been packing my gear for years and have found the perfect packing list for any adventure.

The Necessities

A Good Bag

Wandrd Bag

My favorite bag to use for the outdoors is Wandrd’s PRVKE 31 Liter pack. It’s waterproof, has an amazing roll-top compartment to store things like jackets, snacks, etc. and has a customizable padded area for your gear. It also has a huge pocket on the front for all of your accessories like your memory card cases and a smaller pocket on the top for easy access to things like your wallet and chapstick.

If you’re looking for high-quality leather or canvas backpacks and messenger bags, check out Sunny XVI’s line here!


Obviously, always bring spare batteries for your camera. Especially if you’re shooting in cold temperatures or plan on being out for most of the day, they will come in handy! If I know I won’t be using my camera for a long period of time (like a long road trip to the location) I won’t load my fully charged battery into my camera until I am ready to shoot, in case it somehow turns on in my camera bag. Other batteries to bring are extras for your wireless remote if you have one, and ones that will fit your flashlight. Yes, bring a flashlight–we’ll talk more about this later in the article.

Memory Card Cases


These are great for organizing your SD and CF cards so you can easily switch them in and out when one gets full. My favorite cases are Beeway Cases, they are shockproof and waterproof and hold multiple sets of cards. Since most cameras are dual-slot, I suggest getting the case that has 3 CF card slots on each side. An SD card in its original plastic case will fit nicely into a CF card slot, so you can always have your cards lined up and you don’t have to rummage around to find empty ones or accidentally format one that you needed.

Rain Cover


Camera rain covers can be lifesavers if the weather suddenly takes a turn but you still want to capture the gorgeous raindrops. They’re small and lightweight so they don’t take up much room but can save your camera in stormy situations.

Cleaning Supplies

A brush pen and cloth are usually the only things I ever need on my trips.

Tripod and Wireless Remote


I’m all about self-portraits when we are deep in the woods or high up on a mountain. So, I always pack my wireless remote and my tripod. One thing I’ve forgotten multiple times is the quick-release plate for my camera! So, when packing your tripod, do a once-over and make sure the quick-release plate is either secured on the tripod or on your camera. And for your wireless remote, always bring extra batteries like I mentioned, and double-check it’s working correctly before you put it in your bag! 

The Extras


You should always have some sort of First-Aid kit with you on any trip. Even if it’s just a few band-aids, you never know when you’re in the outdoors! I pack a mini First-Aid kit that comes with band-aids, alcohol wipes, and gloves.

Other things that I’ve packed are Advil, Benadryl, Tums, and hand sanitizer. I’ve used almost all of those and they’ve been lifesavers on trips.



Having travel sizes of lotion, tissues, chapstick, deodorant, and sunscreen are great perks for an outdoor adventure. Also, for all you women out there, tampons are KEY.

Just In Case

I always pack a mini flashlight or headlamp, a solar charger, a knife, and a lighter on the off-chance we are out in the dark. These things are tiny and super lightweight, and you’ll thank your stars you have them if you end up needing to use them! Unless you’re starting a campfire and doing astrophotography, then you’re just glad to have them.


Sometimes I think I go on road trips just so I can take pretty pictures. It’s seriously my favorite part of any adventure. I love being able to capture memories and show people, “look how beautiful this place is.” So, make sure to always pack your necessities and your extras for your next road trip; you’ll be able to capture everything you want and be prepared for anything that comes your way. Happy exploring!

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