There’s Literally A Type Of Tea For Every Possible Mood Swing

Tea always sounds good: in the morning, after a long day of work, while reading a good book, while stressing out about your term paper due tomorrow, after running too many errands, while snuggling with your S.O. (and your dog)—you get the gist. But, this steaming pot-of-goodness doesn’t just warm your tummy, it also can improve your mood. No, I’m not joking: Certain teas can improve almost any type of mood swing.



Get rid of the before-date jitters by drinking a cup of Valerian Root, Ashwagandha, or Passion Flower tea. These three teas have been shown to lower blood pressure and take the edge off.



Tossing and turning in your bed while your dog snores next to you? Can’t stop thinking about the last episode of Stranger Things? Heat up at a pot of Chamomile, Lavender, or Valerian Root tea to help you get a good night’s rest, or the best that you can have given the above circumstances.

Stress or Anxiety


Relax with Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Green, or Rose tea. These teas help relieve stiff muscles and calm your mind so you can be your carefree self again.

Sadness or Depression


If you’re not feeling too hot, had a bad break up, or miss your family back home, try Saffron, Yerba Mate, or St. John’s Wort tea. Saffron is even nicknamed the “sunshine” spice because of its antidepressant qualities. So, you can tell your friends that you’re literally drinking a cup of sunshine.

Mental Boost


Need something to help you focus on your work and keep you from perusing Amazon’s lightning deals or Googling random questions that pop into your head? Or something to just keep your eyelids from fluttering in class? Sip on any Green or Black tea. Both have low amounts of caffeine to jazz up your afternoon but won’t keep you awake until two a.m. Popular Black teas are Masala Chai, Earl Grey, and English Breakfast.

Find out how to make your own tea here. Happy tea-ing!









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