Classic Winter Date Ideas For You And Your Love

Holding gloved hands, kissing cold lips and rosy cheeks, sipping hot chocolate, singing Christmas carols together because you obviously know every, single, song; it’s the most wonderful time of the year, so make the most of it. Here are some fun things to do with your loved one this season:

1. Take A Sleigh Ride/ Train Ride


I mean, what is cuter than sitting in a sleigh, holding hands, drinking hot chocolate, while taking in the views? Nothing. Literally nothing.

Want something a little less cute and a bit more epic? Take a scenic train ride to celebrate winter’s beautiful abundance of snow, mountains, and pine trees all from the comfort of your seat.

2. Go On A Hike


Explore the snow-covered mountains or the ice covered lakes. End with sitting by a campfire, eating some delicious s’mores, under a wool blanket.

3. Bake Cookies Together


Stay in your PJ’s all day baking cookies and drinking wine in the warmth of your home. Blast some Christmas carols and don’t forget to divide up the licking of the spatula and bowl evenly.

4. Go Ice Skating


Glide (or for most of us, wobble) on ice while holding your love’s hand. The chance of one of you falling is pretty high, so you’ll get a few laughs, and possibly some bruises. If you don’t have a local outdoor ice rink, check out your indoor rinks, or adventure out to find a frozen lake.

5. Visit The Hot Springs


Enjoy the winter views in a steaming pool of mineral water. Some of these hot springs are clothing optional, so dress or undress to your liking.

6. Netflix and Cuddle


If it’s too cold to go outside, grab your blankets and a bottle of wine and enjoy a Christmas movie together. Check out what Christmas movies Netflix is streaming right this moment here.

7. Visit Your Local Bar’s Trivia Night


Find out which bar in your are has the best trivia and show off your immense knowledge of random facts, and drink a lot of beer while you’re at it.

8. Take A Tour Of The Holiday Lights


Spend the night walking around the lit neighborhood, hand in hand, watching the lights twinkle.

9. Visit Local Breweries For Their Seasonal Beers


Get cheery together at your local brewery by trying all of their wintry drinks. Some breweries may even host winter celebrations to launch their seasonal beers, so be sure not to miss out on the party!

10. Rent A Cabin In The Snow


Get on Airbnb and rent a winter getaway for the weekend. Hike, fish for winter steelhead, sit by the fire, ski, snowboard, sled, and of course, snuggle.


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