Summer at Smith Rock: Photo Essay

On another rainy Oregon spring day, I can’t help but look through old photos of summer: pristine lakes, cotton candy sunsets, a six-pack of Ninkasi Apricot Ale, and starry nights.

We took one of the most memorable and beautiful trips we have ever taken together last summer. If you haven’t been to Smith Rock State Park yet, go. Get in your car and go. Right now. Okay, maybe not right now because (like I said) it’s a rainy Oregon spring day, but make a plan for summer.

When people think of Oregon, they always think lush, green forests and the cascade mountains. But so much of Oregon is dry, juniper-ridden desert! And I’m so down for that. You don’t feel like you’re in Oregon when you visit Smith Rock, and it’s so cool that you still are. Makes me proud to call this place home.

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