Tamolitch (Blue Pool) In Winter

After buckling our three fur children in the back of the Honda CRV, Jordan Hevern and I pressed Start on Google Map: Blue Pool was only an hour and twenty minutes away. We passed empty campgrounds along an icy blue Mckenzie River and forest-filled mountains as we drove along OR-126 E. 

We veered left off the highway and were met with snow on the gravel road. With only one other car in the parking lot, we pulled up right in front. The snow was shimmering in the morning sunlight as we got Thea, Finn, and Juno in their jackets for the hike.

BluePool-4As we hit the trailhead, the river made its presence along our right. Golden rays hit the water and sparkled as it rushed over glowing moss-covered boulders. BluePool-5BluePool-6

The air was cold and crisp, but the sun warmed our backs as we descended to walk right along the river.

BluePool-7After walking over two log foot bridges, the trail took us back up into the mountain.

The giant evergreens on the opposite bank were almost eye level as we made our way along the snow-covered lava rock. We found ourselves winding along the edge of the mountain, the dogs enjoying the level trail.

BluePool-11The pool was so quiet when we got to the first viewpoint, as we were the only ones there. We slowly made our way, taking in all the different views each little clearance gave us.

BluePool-12The deep navy blue turned into a bright turquoise where the sun hit the surface. We scrambled over fallen trees and big boulders to get to the dry falls bed. We perched ourselves on a rock and looked out over the pool.

BluePool-15The evergreens were high above us, and the water was so still. We let the quiet take over as we admired the view.

The first few minutes of our hike back were spent in silence, our minds focusing on making sure we never forget those peaceful, beautiful moments we spent looking out over a snowy and majestic blue pool.

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